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Lerici, Italy (mixed media, 56 × 46 cm)  

Lerici, Italy
Magical Moonlight Trees
Moonlight Over Venice
Positano 2
Under the Arches, Venice
The Silence of Villa Gioia
Feathered Friends
Birds of a Feather
Whirling and Fluttering
Rio Maggiore
Sunny Streets, Lerici
Amalfi Coast
A Quiet Street in Venice
Midnight in Florence
Cotingac, France
Provencal Village
Flamboyant Olives
Bargemon, Provence
French Village
Amalfi Houses
A Day on the Beach, Lerici
Maria's Cafe
The Secret of Villa Gioia
Lerici, Italy
Cinque Terre, Village
Provencal Olives
St Mark's Venice
Tony's Olives
Washing Day, Venice