Scottish and English Scenes

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After the Rain (mixed media, 56 × 46 cm)  

After the Rain
After the Rain
Across the Moorfoots
The Moorfoots
Derbyshire Dales
Into the Blue, Rocky Foreshore
A Glimpse of Islands
The Sentinel
Shades of Iona
Take Me There
The Sea Sets You Free
Eigg and Rum
Gathering Clouds at Beadnell Bay
Gathering Storm, East Lothian
Poppy Field, East Lothian
Poppy Field, Fife
The Singing Sands
North Berwick Law
Hopeman Beach
Pink Socks, Stockbridge
Red Chimneys Arisaig
Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh
Storms Approaching in Beadnell Bay
Rocky Foreshore
Dark Trees